Connecting Insurance, Redefining Norms

Whether its connecting to your clients or collaborating with your team, Irys’ cloud based management system provides agents and brokers the open and unified platform they deserve.

The Platform Built by Agents, for Agents
Welcome to Irys
About Irys

Human-centric and relationship focused insurance management system.

Irys was developed to integrate technology into our regular human interactions since we know that relationships are at the heart of the insurance industry.
Why Irys?

A product with the whole package.

We spent many years evaluating, implementing and migrating insurance companies from old legacy systems to well, other old legacy systems. This time, we’ve ensured clients get what they paid for, new technology.

Features for Everyone.

Insurance is complex. Regardless of what the legacy sales reps say, we know there is no one-size-fits all, empower everyone throughout the system to contribute, collaborate, and manage better your information.

Increase your customer base and provide better service.

Leverage the inherent potential within your network of relationship data to unveil and capitalize on revenue streams that have remained undiscovered.


Unparalleled views into your agency and analytics.

Effectively oversee and coordinate the operations, strategies, and performance of your business, along with optimizing data-driven insights and analytics to make informed decisions and drive growth.


Save time by cutting out unnecessary tasks.

Irys empowers efficiency by intelligently automating tasks and flows, keeping data entry and forms fillling to a bare minimum.


Make it your own. Irys gives you the power to control your own destiny.

No one knows your business better than you. Irys gives you the flexibility to tailor flows and templates that best suit your business needs.


Irys is the hub for your stack.

View detailed API documentation for seamless integrations and expand your reach far beyond a plain out of the box solution.


See Irys in Action

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