About Us

Built by your peers, with you in mind

Irys perfectly combines the absolute best in insurance operations, compliance and deep industry knowledge with some of the brightest minds in cutting edge technology development. A rare find indeed!

Our Vision

Crafted by Insiders, Inspired by Change.

Driven by decades of industry experience, Irys was made to dismantle barriers and redefine collaboration in insurance — creating a platform as dynamic, integrated, and forward-thinking as the future demands.


A Solid Foundation

Our founders, seasoned insurance professionals themselves, envisioned a platform that bridges gaps and fosters collaboration—because they’ve experienced the disconnect firsthand and believe in a brighter, more integrated future for the industry.

“In essence, Irys was created to be more than a software solution; it’s a mission to redefine how the insurance industry understands its data and its relationships, paving the way for a more integrated, efficient, and insightful future.”

“We envisioned Irys as a catalyst for collaboration, a single platform where everyone in the insurance value chain could converge, communicate, and operate seamlessly. In an industry where so many of our processes were disjointed and cumbersome, we saw the potential for a tool that unifies and streamlines, rather than fragments and complicates.”

“With Irys, we’re taking the opportunity to completely change the perspective for our users. Contrasting against common AMS’s that look and work in a way that revolves around the data, Irys is designed around how our users want to access and act on that data. It works the way they want to work, not the way they have to work.”

Our Journey

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Our Journey is much like those of other agents and brokers who were frustrated by outdated tools and disjointed systems. So they rolled up their sleeves and decided to forge a path for themselves.


See Irys in Action

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